Warranty and Repair

5-Year in-lite Warranty

We devote considerable attention to the quality of the products we sell. That's why we provide a 5 year comprehensive warranty on all in-lite transformers and fixtures. 

Making a Warranty Claim

If a defect is to occur, you can submit a warranty claim through your in-lite representative or by reaching out to us through the contact feature. We will cross-reference this claim with our invoice records. If you purchased in-lite through a landscaper or dealer, you will need to show us proof of your purchase or invoice. So please keep your invoice in a safe place!

Repair or Replacement Product

If a product defect is found within the warranty period, we will handle the repair for you. If the product cannot be repaired, we will provide a replacement product. If the model you purchased is no longer available, we will offer a suitable alternative.

Note: in-lite provides a 5 year warranty on all transformers and fixtures. When alternate brands are used in the system, this can nullify the warranty. No rights can be derived from the stated burning hours of LED light sources. Retrofit interchangeable light sources are excluded from in-lite's warranty. The manufacturer warranty from the relevant supplier will apply. If a replacement product is provided, a claim can only be made on the replaced product during the remainder of the current warranty period.