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We reward loyalty: access a points program like no other.

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Earn and Redeem your Points - just like cash. Simply spend $1 and get one point. 10 points will get you $1 off your next purchase! Here's how to get started:

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Apply to become an in-sider.

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Get approved and sign up.

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Engage, Purchase, and Refer.

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“Better customer service than any other company in this landscape lighting industry. Highly recommended."

Ian Cheadle

Cheadle Construction

“They go above and beyond to get your product to you correctly and efficiently. A great product and a great sales team.”

Erik Poor

Poorboy Electric & Lighting

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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand this whole in-sider thing might be new for you. That's why we've assembled a few FAQs we think you might want to know.

An in-sider is a landscaper, hardscaper, contractor, electrician, designer, deck pro, or architect who has access to unique in-lite benefits that include: trade pricing, rewards, social media exposure, customer representation, and promo gear.

To become an in-sider, you must first apply. Our application page can be found here. Applications will be reviewed by our team within 24-72 hours. Once approved, we will provide you with a unique login to access your benefits.

Landscapers, hardscapers, contractors, electricians, designers, deck pros, architects, and other industry professional are eligible to become in-siders.

No, becoming an in-sider does not cost a cent. However, your application must be approved by our team before you can access in-sider benefits.

in-sider applications will be reviewed by our team within 24-72 hours. We will reach out to discuss membership opportunities via email or telephone.

in-sider Points are one of the ways we reward your loyalty! You earn one in-sider Point for every dollar you spend here, and you can use those points to save money on future orders. 10 points equal $1. in-sider Points are one-time use and non-refundable.

Besides using tons and tons of in-lite, the best way to earn in-sider points is by referring your friends/colleagues/fellow professionals to in-lite. When they make their first purchase, this will give you 250 points off your next purchase. So spread the light!

No, at the moment you cannot transfer your in-sider Points to others.