All you need to get started

The Transformer

Plug the in-lite Transformer (108W) into an outdoor GFCI outlet to power up the in-lite system.

Low-Voltage Cable

Attach your Low-Voltage Cable to the transformer and lay it out loosely throughout your project.

Your Lights

Every in-lite fixture is low-voltage, LED, and ready to be connected instantly to the Low-Voltage Cable.

Our Patented Connection System

20 years in the making, our patented Easy-Lock connector is the quick & easy way in-lite fixtures connect to low-voltage cable.

Quick & Easy

No electrical experience required. Save time and man-power: connect your lighting in an instant.


The Easy-Lock comes packed with silicon to ensure a water-proof and air-tight connection to the cable.


Client not happy? Simply unhook the Easy-Lock and reattach your lights elsewhere.


Once you hear the ‘click’ you know the Easy-Lock is secure. Next step: bury the connector, and move on to your next light.


Born in the North, loved by the South, the Easy-Lock is designed to withstand the harshest climates.


There is simply nothing else that compares. The Easy-Lock is and always will be, in-lite.

installing the easy-lock connector

The Easy-Lock is our patented connector that allows for the quick, safe, and flexible installation of in-lite Outdoor Lighting. The Easy-Lock connects your fixtures directly to the low-voltage and is the key to the in-lite system.

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And Don't Worry - You're Covered.

With the Easy-Lock Connector, there is no need to buy additional installation parts. The Easy-Lock is FREE and included in the box with every fixture. That way you can spend more time doing cool things and building awesome stuff.

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