Our story


We are an independent, North American, lighting company who proudly serves the USA and Canada.

This is our story:


Founded in 1998, in-lite Design pioneered one of the first integrated lights on the market dubbed the "original in-lite." Initially we focused on having our clients install these fixtures into concrete pavers. But, just like in-lite today, some of these clients got creative. From that moment on, we started seeing in-lite in every application you can think of - concrete, decks, docks, stones - you name it.

With just this one little light, we exploded onto the scene. The next few years saw us grow rapidly in both North America and Europe and in particular, the Netherlands - the inventors of the paver as we know it. In the early 2000's we moved our HQ to the Netherlands - where design and product development continues to be done. We spent the next 10 years working in tandem to grow in-lite internationally.


But in 2015, we made the decision to put our customers first and take control over how in-lite was marketed and distributed in North America. To do so, we knew we'd have to become independent from our Dutch friends... so we did.

It's been over 4 years and we haven't looked back since. Independence has made us the fastest growing lighting company in the industry and allowed us to work together with the Dutch team to build better products for North America. Each day, more and more professionals are being introduced to in-lite and are seeing the quality, design and ease-of-install that has defined the company since '98.


Over the past year, we've focused on building the industry's first fully-functional e-commerce experience made for you, the pro. I'm proud to start writing the next chapter in our company's history and to once again venture into the unknown, building something new, fresh, and distinctly in-lite. So what more is there to say?

Not only have we set our sights on changing lighting forever, but now we're set on conquering distribution as well... not bad for a few years work!


At the end of the day, we're committed to building a better experience for you, the user. We're proud to call you a partner - a dealer - a contributor - a pro - an in-sider. You represent the in-lite of today and the in-lite of tomorrow. We wouldn't be here without you. For that, I raise a glass to you good people - welcome aboard this crazy train - welcome in.


Ramon & the team at in-lite Design.


We work toward something different - a group of misfits with a knack for misunderstanding the status quo. Always advancing, always inspired, and always guided by the one simple question: What would we install ourselves?