Step 1


This video shows you how to correctly install an in-lite transformer and light sensor. Transformers control the lighting and provide power to the system. Therefore, always ensure that the transformer is installed near a functioning GFCI Outlet. The maximum wattage capacity of the 108W transformer is 90%. Therefore, do not allow the combination of your fixtures to exceed 97Ws. Always use the cable connectors provided to connect the cable to the transformer. When installing the light sensor, always place the sensor outside. That way when it begins to get dark the lighting will automatically turn on. Therefore, it is important to install the light sensor away from any artificial lighting which could affect performance.

FYI: The latest light sensor design (not shown in this video) includes a plastic cap that provides extra protection for the light sensor against moisture. Do not remove this cap!

Step 2

Low-Voltage Cable

Our low-voltage cable carries the current from the transformer and allows the fixtures to be illuminated. We recommend installing the cable along paving and borders for easier access. If fixtures are installed further away from the cord, we recommend the use of in-lite extension cords. Alternatively, you can use a CC-2 connector to more effectively reach these fixtures. After finishing your cable end, you can bury this end anywhere in the property. We always recommend that you prepare your cable layout prior to installation and during the early stages of your project. When planning your layout, bear in mind the maximum distance your low-voltage cable can run. 

Step 3


Every in-lite fixture includes the Easy-Lock Connector. This patented connector ensures proper conduction and illumination from the fixture. You connect the Easy-Lock to the cable by clamping the supplied wire guide onto the cable and placing the entire assembly in the Easy-Lock. Lastly, turn the cap until you hear a click. Always make sure the cap on the Easy-Lock is straight. Inside the Easy-Lock is a silicon gel which protects wire connection against moisture and other variables. Always ensure that Easy-Lock is accessible. This will allow you to move or replace a light fixture. To do so, simply untwist the Easy-Lock and re-connect it elsewhere. Our cable will repair itself.

Caution! The video shows 2 types of cable ducts (a narrow channel for the 14/2 cable and wide channel for the 10/2 cable). Due to an update to our 10/2 cable, we only provide 1 type of cable ducts with the fixtures which fits on both cables.

Step 4


Finally, install the fixture in your desired location. If you want to install integrated lighting in decking or pavers, bear in mind that you will need the correct installation equipment and tools. Visit our 'Accessories' section for more. It is important to bore correctly as crooked installation cause cause a series of issues. Many in-lite dealers will have a drill press on hand to assist with boring. If you prefer to avoid drilling, we offer accessory boxes that allow you to easily install our integrated lighting between paving or in a loose surface such as mulch.

Still have some questions?

Why not check out our FAQ section. Here we provide you with the answers to many common questions about the in-lite system. If you still cannot find the answer to your question just reach out to us through the contact feature!