Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ section provides many of the answers you need to get started with in-lite.

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General Questions

All in-lite fixtures are for outdoor use. Fixtures with LED light sources are waterproof (refer to the IP values ​​for our products), but are not designed to remain underwater permanently.

Yes, you can. Additional in-lite fixtures can be easily added to an existing job or used to expand an existing job. However, always make sure you consider the maximum load of the transformer and the cable. For more info, visit our How it Works page.

Yes. You do not need to purchase the Easy-Lock seperately. It is included in the box with each fixture.

No. The in-lite fixtures we carry are not to be connected to 220V or 230V and are exclusively for low-voltage applications.

No, the electronics used in in-lite products are not capable of being dimmed. As a reminder, using alternate products connected to an in-lite system can void the warranty.

Yes, you can. We carry extension cords available in 3 and 9 feet. We recommend that you extend the cable up to a maximum of 12 feet, using as few extension cords as possible.

Yes of course! in-lite transformers can be installed outside.

This is not recommended. in-lite LEDs can be sensitive to interference or fluctuations in the system. As a reminder, when your lighting is connected to a system that includes alternate products not from in-lite, this can void the warranty. in-lite can no longer guarantee the quality of its products in such cases.

Yes, you can. Many in-lite fixtures can be integrated into a driveway for example!

No, you do not. The patented Easy-Lock connector can be installed both above and below ground. The gel inside the connector protects against moisture and the elements.

Although you can set your transformer to manual, it is not necessary. in-lite transformers are equipped with a light sensor that automatically switches the lighting on as it gets dark.

Each in-lite fixture comes equipped with the patented Easy-Lock. Use this Easy-Lock, along with the mini-connector to connect the low-voltage cable to the fixture.

No, installing in-lite requires no technical background or knowledge. For more information visit our How it Works page.

Yes, absolutely. in-lite functions on low-voltage technology. Therefore it requires a transformer to 'transform' your home's main voltage to 12 volt. As the in-lite is only 12 volts, this means it is safe, quick, and easy to install.

This depends on the capacity (wattage) of the transformer and the wattage of the fixtures that you'd like to connect to the transformer. We recommend not exceeding a 90% capacity of the transformer.

In this event, you will need to purchase an additional transformer(s). Additional transformers can be installed side-by-side or in different areas of your property. This may require you to rework your original lighting plan, but will ensure that all your desired lighting is functioning correctly for you.

If the copper core of the cable is punctured, it is best to cut that piece of the cable out completely. Then, you can either connect the two pieces of cable back together using a cable connector (CC-2) or install an extra piece of cable between using two CC-2. Always check how much power is connected to the cable after the break as a maximum of 50 watts can be installed after 1 CC-2.

A maximum of 50 watts of fixtures can be installed after 1 cable connector. Therefore you may want to install additional cable connectors down the original line, if needed.

Warranty & Returns

Info regarding warranty and repairs can be accessed via the 'Warranty and Repairs' page.

Yes. All in-lite transformers and fixtures carry a comprehensive 5 year warranty. Read more about our warranty by visiting our 'Warranty and Repairs' page.

Technical Questions