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Low voltage pathway lights

Put a finishing touch on any landscape with low voltage lighting options for outdoor walkways, paths, gardens, sidewalks, trails and more. Electric LED pathway lights offer safety, beauty, and reliability that solar lights can't match. All in-lite landscape path lights are rugged, weather resistant and backed by a 5-year warranty.

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Founded in 1998, in-lite works with landscaping and lighting professionals to develop innovative outdoor walkway lighting solutions built for peak performance and longevity. Choose from a wide selection of modern, UL/c-UL certified 12V LED lights for walkways and landscape path lighting that provides the perfect level of path light to make any space safe and beautiful.

Explore Our Low Voltage Pathway Lights

Choosing the right pathway lights ensures that pathways, gardens, patios, and other spaces stay safe, secure, and beautiful. The path lights we offer are designed for professional use, checking all the right boxes for all kinds of outdoor pathways.

An Easy-Lock Connector is included with each light. All in-lite fixtures carry a 5-year warranty.

in-lite LED low voltage path lights are perfect for a broad range of outdoor lighting applications:
●    Along fence
●    Entrance ways
●    Driveways
●    Gardens
●    Pathways
●    Plant beds

Tall path lights (over 20’’ in height)

The LIV and DISC pathway lights stand at 24’’ and 23’’ tall respectively. Their height allows them to stand out among greenery in a garden bed, and crest the tops of a moderate snow base. Both the LIV and DISC are made out of firm, die-cast aluminum. The SWAY and SWAY LOW, at 39’’ and 23.6’’ in height, sit atop a flexible composite β€˜stem’ designed to sway with the wind. Landscape lighting professionals often use a balanced combination of the standard and low version of these fixtures in their lighting designs.

Short path lights (under 20’’ in height)

The LIV LOW (14’’ in height) and DISC LOW (14.8’’) are low-profile versions of the standard, taller LIV and DISC fixtures. They are ideal for marking paths and walkways. Landscape lighting professionals often use both the standard and low versions of these fixtures in their lighting designs for a balanced, captivating look.

In-ground path lights

The LUNA is a recessed or in-ground path lighting fixture that produces an angled beam of light. It produces a wide, focused beam of sloping light perfect for illuminating fences, bushes, walls, and trees. The LUNA is built to withstand being walked or driven on and like all in-lite products, it’s backed by a comprehensive 5-year warranty.

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All our products are backed by a 5-year comprehensive warranty.

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All in-lite fixtures are LED, low-voltage, and efficient.

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Jason Russell

Dr. Decks

I love in-lite for several reasons: the quality of the fixtures, the 5-year warranty is amazing, the overall modern look of the products, and their customer service is top-notch.

Sean Collinsgru

Premier Outdoor

in-lite looks awesome, is easy to install, there are lots of options, and they have great customer service. If I had to describe them in one word, it would be premier.

Brandon Dueck

Windeck Ltd.

The support and service I get from the company is unbeatable. When I have a question it is answered quickly and timely and I have quite frankly never had a problem.