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Transformer & Cables

Our Transformers and low-voltage cable are two of the key ingredients you need to get your low-voltage landscape lighting system up and running.

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246 ft Low-Voltage Cable (12/2)


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132 ft Low-Voltage Cable (14/2)


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492 ft Low-Voltage Cable (12/2)


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Explore Our Low-Voltage Lighting System

We want to help you make your outdoor space unique. in-lite’s outdoor lighting products incorporate sustainable materials and the latest, high-quality LED technology. Each fixture has a CRI rating of 90+ and comes with a comprehensive 5-year warranty. And our patented low-voltage lighting connection system was designed specifically for professionals to reduce installation time and costs.

With modern designs, high quality products and comprehensive customer service, it's easy to see why professionals love in-lite’s low-voltage lighting system.

Everything you need to get started

1.    The transformer: Connect the in-lite HUB-100 Transformer to any outdoor GFCI outlet to power the in-lite system.
2.    Low-voltage cable: Attach the low-voltage cable to the transformer and lay it loosely along the length of the project.
3.    Your lights: All in-lite fixtures are LED and low voltage, and can be instantly connected to a low-voltage cable.

Our patented connector

Our patented Easy-Lock connector effortlessly connects in-lite fixtures to low-voltage cables in a matter of seconds.

●    Quick & easy: No electrical experience required. Save time and man-power: connect your lighting in an instant.
●    Water-proof: The Easy-Lock comes packed with silicon to ensure a water-proof and air-tight connection to the cable.
●    Flexible: Client not happy? Simply unhook the Easy-Lock and reattach your lights elsewhere.
●    Secure: Dielectric grease creates a tight and secure connection. Next step: bury the connector, and move on to your next light.
●    Durable: Born in the North, loved by the South, the Easy-Lock is designed to withstand the harshest climates.
●    Patented: There is simply nothing else that compares. The Easy-Lock is and always will be, in-lite.

Why choose us?

Fast shipping

Get your lighting to your job site fast and efficiently.

5-year warranty

All our products are backed by a 5-year comprehensive warranty.

Customer service

Speak with actual human-beings and get the support you need.


All in-lite fixtures are LED, low-voltage, and efficient.

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Jason Russell

Dr. Decks

I love in-lite for several reasons: the quality of the fixtures, the 5-year warranty is amazing, the overall modern look of the products, and their customer service is top-notch.

Sean Collinsgru

Premier Outdoor

in-lite looks awesome, is easy to install, there are lots of options, and they have great customer service. If I had to describe them in one word, it would be premier.

Brandon Dueck

Windeck Ltd.

The support and service I get from the company is unbeatable. When I have a question it is answered quickly and timely and I have quite frankly never had a problem.