Looking to extend your lead length? Looking for solutions to place recessed lights into grass or sod? Look no further. Customize your lighting project with our collection of accessories.

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From recessed lighting to wall and path lighting, we at in-lite offer a complete line of low-voltage LED lighting products for your outdoor landscape! 

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Landscape Lighting

Make any outdoor space a masterpiece with the best in landscape lighting. With in-lite’s patented connection system, our landscape lights are easy to install anywhere.

Landscape lighting – LED

Turn any outdoor space into a work of art with our premier LED outdoor landscape lighting. All in-lite landscape lighting is rugged, weather resistant and backed by a 5-year warranty.

Landscape Lighting – Low Voltage

Use the industry’s best low voltage landscape lighting to add ambiance to decks, patios, backyard and landscapes. Lighting up your landscape has never been so easy.

LED Outdoor Garden Lights

Bring any landscape to life with LED garden lights for garden beds, paths, retaining walls and more. Make your garden pop with garden spot lights or garden path lights like stars. 

LED Outdoor Step Lights

Shop the best in modern LED outdoor step lights. Outdoor stair lights from in-lite are rugged and waterproof with a 5-year warranty. The in-lite system is quick and easy to install.

LED Outdoor Wall Lights

Get the best LED outdoor wall lighting that you can find for exterior walls, fences and more. Our lighting is rugged, weather resistant and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Low Voltage LED Deck Lights

Shop the best in modern low voltage LED deck lighting for steps, decks, docks, and more. Add step lighting for safety or sprinkle recessed deck lighting like stars ‒ the sky’s the limit!

Low Voltage LED Hardscape Lighting

Explore our collection of modern, durable low voltage LED hardscape lighting. in-lite’s patented connection system makes it easy to illuminate everything from retaining walls to benches to patio pavers.

Low Voltage LED Outdoor Fence Lighting

Low voltage Lighting

Perfect for exterior walls, decks and landscapes! From low voltage lighting for fences to low voltage path lights, our patented 12-volt connection system makes installation effortless.

Low Voltage Pathway Lights

Put a finishing touch on any landscape with low voltage lighting options for outdoor walkways, paths, and more. Our low voltage pathway lights offer safety and reliability that solar lights can't match! 



Want to see what's new this year? Check out the products below to see what new and innovative lighting we've recently added to our portfolio.

Outdoor LED Spotlights

To keep it simple, we offer three sizes of landscape spot lights: mini, standard, and big. Plus, our patented low-voltage LED connection system makes installation a breeze!

Outdoor Lighting

Put the finishing touches on any outdoor space by using the best in outdoor lighting. Our outdoor lighting can be easily installed anywhere thanks to a patented connection system.

Outdoor Wall Lighting

The best selection of modern outdoor wall lighting for exterior walls, decks, fences and more. In-lite exterior wall lighting carries a 5-year warranty.

Outdoor Wall Lighting – LED

Get the best LED outdoor wall lighting that you can find for exterior walls, fences and more. Our lighting is rugged, weather resistant and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Paver Lights

Shop the best in LED paver lights for any patio, path or driveway. All in-lite paver lights are rugged, weather resistant and backed by a 5-year warranty.

Post Lights

Choose from the best modern LED post lights for fences, pergolas, decks, and more! in-lite’s patented connection system makes it easy to install on any post: wood, stone, brick, you name it!

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Recessed Lighting

We are the front-runners in integrated LED recessed lighting. This lighting can be placed into pavers, decks, docks, and more. All our recessed fixtures can be driven and walked over.

Retaining Wall Lights

These durable LED retaining wall lights are the perfect landscape lighting on retaining walls, fences, railings and more. in-lite’s patented low voltage connection system makes for effortless installation. 

SMART Products



We supply the tools and drill bits you need to install our recessed lighting into patios, pavers, concrete, wood, composite, and more! These high quality tools are easy to attach to most standard hand or corded drills.

Transformers & Cable

Our transformers and low-voltage cable are two of the key ingredients you need to get your low-voltage landscape lighting system up and running.

Tree Uplighting

Turn any arbor into a work of art with the best in outdoor up lighting for trees. These modern, low voltage outdoor tree spotlights are a breeze to install in any landscape.