Why Install Outdoor Landscape Lighting?


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Courtney Chiasson

in-lite Representative

Why Install Outdoor Landscape Lighting?

You may be aware of the latest trend of illuminating your backyard and creating an inviting space, but you may also be asking yourself, “why should I use outdoor lighting?” It can be overwhelming to find a starting place because there are unlimited options when it comes to creating a beautifully bright outdoor space but don’t worry, you just found it! Read on to learn more about why you should use lights outside.

1. Use Your Space Longer

Outdoor lighting gives your landscape the lighting it deserves and creates an inviting environment. Lighting outside increases the functionality of your backyard or deck area and allows you to use your whole space year-round. Without outdoor lighting, areas of your backyard become unusable after dark, limiting the functionality of your space. Instead of accepting that it’s time to move the party inside after the sun sets, install outdoor lights and extend the life of your exterior areas! Light up your decks by integrating lighting into railings, stairs, and posts. Recessed lighting can create a romantically starry scene or brighten up seating and eating areas.

2. Keep Your Home Safe

There are numerous safety benefits of installing lights outside your home. A well-lit home keeps you secure; lights keep intruders at bay and increase your visibility of them if they decide to visit anyways. Deck lights create a safe space where your guests and family members can see where they are going and avoid trips, spills, and falls! Path lights, driveway lights, and post lights all provide adequate lighting to mark boundaries but also create a beautiful atmosphere.

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