What's the difference between the HYVE and FUSION?

Courtney Chiasson

in-lite Representative

What's the difference between the HYVE and FUSION?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get asked is, "what is the difference between the HYVE and the FUSION?"

Long story short, the HYVE is a brighter light and FUSION is more diffused. But it’s a little bit more complex than that. I’ll break it down for you!

The HYVE has a honeycomb lens that hides the light source, so looking at the fixture won’t blind you. It’s a slightly brighter light, but it’s not blinding. Promise.


And the FUSION has a frosted lens that helps diffuse the light, creating more of a glow than a direct beam of light.


The differences between the HYVE and FUSION are not only their brightness, but the light temperature as well. The HYVE is a contemporary style light sitting at 3100K and the FUSION is more of an ambient style light with a temperature of 2700K. This means that both fixtures sit on the warmer side of the Kelvin scale, but the FUSION is slightly warmer.


(HYVE on the left, FUSION on the right)

This makes the FUSION the perfect fixture for decks, patios, sitting areas, and stair risers – anywhere that you want to create a more “romantic” feeling. Its amber glow is easy on the eyes and sets the mood for your outdoor dining space or patio!

The HYVE is more ideal for driveways, perimeters of patios, or lining walkways, seat walls, or retaining walls to create a wall wash effect. There isn’t a light glare and like I said before, so it isn’t blinding, but it is brighter than the FUSION.

They do have some similarities as well.

1. Both the HYVE and the FUSION are completely sealed LED units (as are all of our recessed lighting fixtures). We do this so that our fixtures are protected from moisture and dirt. It also means that both of these outdoor lighting fixtures can be walked on, driven over, and even snow plowed over.

2. Both the HYVE and FUSION can be installed into decks, pavers, and poured concrete applications. 

3. Both come in two standard diameters: 60mm (2 3/8”) or 22mm (7/8”). If you’re looking for more information about the different styles of HYVE and FUSION fixtures we offer, click here.


4. And both use the same drilling tools – whether you’re looking to drill into pavers or stone or concrete with our DIAMOND CORE BITS or you want to drill into decking or wood applications with our FORSTNER DRILL BITS.

That's pretty much all you need to know about the HYVE and the FUSION, but if you have any questions, don't be afraid to reach out! Email us at info@in-sider.com, call us at 1-833-472-9960, or chat with us in the bottom right corner of your screen. An educated rep will answer you every time - and we're happy to help!

To see the HYVE and the FUSION in action, check out this video!