What makes in-lite products high quality?


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Michelle Vilera

What makes in-lite products high quality?

 Here are some of the reasons why in-lite products are of the highest quality:  

  • All our fixtures are CRI 90+

You're probably wondering: what is CRI? Well, CRI stands for Color Rendering Index, which is the measurement of how accurately a light source displays colors on a scale from 1-100. The 100 in this scenario represents the natural light of the Sun.


All in-lite products currently have a CRI rating over 90 and some of our fixtures are the highest rated in all of North America. The quality of the light is one of the most important things to us at in-lite.

Why is light quality so important to us? Well, when you use lights that have a low CRI, the result will always be a washed-out landscape. Our goal is to always bring out the vibrant and natural colors of whatever you choose to accent at night (trees, rocks, walls, gardens, textures, etc). We want to bring out the colors in your landscape, not wash them out like cheap/poor quality lighting will.

CRI 90

  • Our products are made of the best and most durable materials

Most of our products are made of high-quality aluminum, polycarbonate, stainless steel, nylon, and reinforced high-impact plastic. These materials have the capacity to withstand harsh North American climates with ease all year.

durable materials

  •  Our fixtures have high IP Ratings

IP Rating, which stands for Ingress Protection Rating, is defined as level of protection a fixture has against moisture and dirt. An IP67 rating, for example, means a fixture can be submerged under 3 feet of water for 30 minutes – and all of our integrated fixtures are rated at least IP67.

IP Rating

The IP Rating varies from product to product, but all our lights have high ratings, which makes them reliable and long-lasting. Check out the product pages on our website if you'd like to see the specific rating for each fixture!

  • The Easy-Lock connector is one of the best in the industry

Unlike other connectors on the market, our patented Easy-Lock connector is equipped with dielectric grease on the inside. That way, when the teeth in the connector puncture the main line cable, the dielectric grease creates a tight seal that protects the connection from moisture and dirt. Cheap connectors don't include dielectric grease, which doesn't protect the system. These connectors have given quick-connectors a bad rep, but the Easy-Lock connector is durable, high-quality, and will protect your system from moisture and dirt.

Easy-Lock Connector

This connector comes included with all our fixtures. It's also designed to help you get your system up and running in record time, saving you time and money on the job. 

Those were some of the many reasons why in-lite products are the best quality. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact your in-lite representative at info@insider.com.