What is the DISC series?


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Michelle Vilera

What is the DISC series?

The DISC series is available now with four new fixtures to choose from: the DISC, DISC LOW, DISC WALL and DISC PENDANT.

Starting with the first two, the DISC and DISC LOW are a modern twist on your traditional bollard fixtures, casting a tasteful and diffused downward glow that's just perfect to light up paths and gardens. The main difference between these two fixtures is their height: the DISC measures 23.6 inches tall, while the DISC LOW stands a bit shorter at 13.8 inches. Depending on what your outdoor space lighting goals are, you can choose one style or both to create more layers and depth!

DISC and DISC LOWNext we have the DISC WALL, which is suitable for wall and fence installations. With its 360 degree diffused light, you can get the awesome soft ambiance and decor without the glare. We recommend combining it with other DISC fixtures to obtain a more put together look. 

DISC WALLAnd last -but not least- we have the DISC PENDANT, a unique addition to in-lite's bag of tricks, this fixture can be hung from pergolas and other structures. It comes with a strain relief and a 7 ft long cable that can be adjusted (without having to cut any cable!) to the height you wish your fixture to be hung at. 

DISC PENDANTA cool fact about the DISC series is that they all use the same high-quality FCBV black coated aluminum light head, which also provides a 106-degree light angle and a light distance of 3 meters (9.84 feet).

DISC WALLThe DISC series is also part of our low voltage, 12V fixtures, meaning you can incorporate them to any new or existing lighting system in your outdoor space, just make sure you've calculated how many lights can fit your transformer first! If you'd like to watch a video on how to easily do this, click here

DISC SeriesAnd that's it for the DISC series! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact your in-lite representative at info@insider.com.