What is CRI in Landscape Lighting?


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Courtney Chiasson

What is CRI in Landscape Lighting?

in-lite has been designing and perfecting LED lighting for over 20 years. When you choose in-lite, you're guaranteed the best LED's with the purest light output and most optimal energy consumption. That's why all our fixtures have a CRI of 90+.


What is CRI in Landscape Lighting?

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing off the rack at a store, only to discover it looks a completely different color when you get it home?

It wasn't your eyes deceiving you...it was the light!

Not all lights are made equal. Some render color much better (or worse) than others, and the difference can profoundly impact the appearance, ambiance, security, and overall quality of your landscape lighting installation.

If you've been browsing outdoor lighting, you've probably seen the acronym CRI, usually followed by a number. CRI stands for the Color Rendering Index and is used to indicate how much color is seen by the human eye.

CRI is a measure of how accurate a light source is compared to daylight on a scale of 1 to 100. Think about it: during the day, you can see all colors in your yard perfectly. That’s because daylight has the highest CRI (100) of any lighting source, which is why it sets the bar for color accuracy.

The closer a light is to CRI 100, the more accurate colors should appear under it.

CRICRI and color temperature go hand-in-hand when it comes to choosing the right LED lighting for your application. LED lights typically range between 70 and 95 in CRI ratings, and anything below 80 is considered the mid- to low-range. Lights with low CRI often will wash out a landscape - the lights will be too bright, white, and ruin the overall atmosphere of the outdoor space.

High quality LED sources have a CRI of at least 90. This ensures you see all colors and contrasts even when the sun goes down.

All in-lite fixtures have a CRI of between 90-98, which means that not only is in-lite leading the industry in providing quality LED solutions, it's also unmatched for landscapes, greenery, and decor.

So, if you're looking for landscape lighting that will enhance your space instead of wash it out, in-lite's got what you're looking for!


And, did you know: LED's consume around 80% less energy than halogen light sources?

See the difference: The best ways to see the in-lite difference is to try it out in person. Using the SCOPE, for example, will allow you to see the difference CRI90+ can make through a rich, high-quality lighting experience.