What does RVS mean?

Courtney Chiasson

in-lite Representative

What does RVS mean?

What does RVS mean?

If you’ve browsed through our recessed lighting fixtures, you’ve probably noticed that our smaller (22mm or 7/8”) integrated fixtures come in two styles: 22 or 22 RVS. And you might be asking yourself, what does RVS even mean?

The quick answer is that it stands for stainless steel ring or “rust free steel” (but in Dutch, because our products are designed in the Netherlands).

If that was all you’re looking for, you can stop reading! But if you’re looking for more of an explanation as to the differences and similarities between the 22 and 22 RVS fixtures, please keep reading.

The difference between the two kinds of fixtures is actually really simple to understand.

The “22” lights (HYVE 22 and the FUSION 22) sit flush with the surface they are installed into. They do not have a ring around them.

The “22 RVS” fixtures (HYVE 22 RVS and FUSION 22 RVS) have a small stainless-steel ring around them. They sit very very slightly above the ground.

But other than a physical difference, the fixtures are the same. It’s simply a stylistic preference if you want the fixture to have the ring or not.

The “22” in both cases refers to the lights’ diameter: 22mm.  Both styles can be installed into pavers, concrete, decking, and almost any other surface. Plus, they can both be walked on and driven over.

Even though the stainless-steel ring extends slightly beyond 7/8” the base of the lights are the same width. Meaning that both styles used the same size drill bit (22mm or 7/8”).

The 22 RVS fixtures are a great option if you’re newer to the hardscape lighting game or if you are drilling freehand (and not with a drill press). That way, if you don’t drill a perfect hole, you can cover up any imperfections with the ring!

At the end of the day, the main difference is simply stylistic preference.

So, which one do you prefer? Stainless steel ring or no ring?