Maintaining Lighting Projects in the Fall


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Courtney Chiasson

Marketing Manager

Maintaining Lighting Projects in the Fall

Fall is a favourite season for many; the beautiful colours from the leaves changing, the weather is cooler, the air crisper, and everything is just a little bit cozier. Of course, this includes lighting too! 

As you wrap up your last few jobs of the season, we want you to think about something that is vitally important, but often overlooked… fall maintenance! Returning to projects you installed lighting for in previous seasons will not only allow you to create long-term customers, but it will also provide you with an additional revenue stream. Furthermore, it will help set you apart from other professionals who are not offering a fall maintenance package.

With winter around the corner, here are 5 tips to keep your projects glowing beautifully throughout the colder seasons:


  1. Clean up the area of any debris

Clean up debris

By keeping the landscape clean and tidy this will ensure that no fixtures are obstructed, and the project is looking pristine for the best possible fall and winter lighting effects. While removing debris from the yard, also make sure to take a cloth and clean the fixtures lenses. There is no better time than the fall to capture the vibrant colours of the changing leaves with our high CRI.

So, be sure to remove all dirt from the lenses, keeping your lights bright and operating at the highest level. This may also be the best time to prune any overgrown bushes, hedges, or trees. You can also wipe down the body of the fixtures as well if needed - everyone loves a clean landscape all around!


  1. Check the fixtures, connections, and wires

check connections

Due to the high-quality materials in-lite uses in our fixtures, there is no need to put away any of your lighting before the snow falls. All in-lite fixtures are rated for winter temperatures, and are protected against water, snow, and ice. Even in harsh North American climates. This also includes our Easy-Lock system; the proprietary gel keeps your lighting system protected against moisture all-year-long. However, we do still suggest checking that each fixture is working properly and that all connections are still in-tact. Additionally, this is a good time to bury any exposed cable, making sure everything is underground to reduce tripping hazards.


  1. Refocus or move fixtures to accommodate seasonal growth

refocus fixtures

It is more than likely that the landscape has changed since you were last there installing the lighting for your client. Have things grown in? Or have trees lost foliage for the winter months? Make sure to adjust fixtures according to this growth. This means adjusting scope angles, as well as possibly moving fixtures to a new location all-together. When a plant grows it can create a hotspot if the lighting is now too close. On the contrary, it can also mask the light entirely if it has grown over the fixture. To avoid either of these, you may have to move the fixture back a few inches or completely remove the fixture from its current location to find a better spot for it. To do this, you can add in an Exension to extend the lead of the light, or you can move the Easy-Lock to a different location on your main-line cable. If you decide to move the Easy-Lock, make sure to use di-electric grease and electrical tape to patch over the holes that will be left in the cable.

Another suggestion is to consider is using certain accessories to give fixtures more height. The RISER 1 & 2 could be great options for getting up high in mature landscapes or to ensure your fixtures will be kept above the snow throughout the winter. Adding the Mini-Scope fixtures to the RISER accessories will not only create height but can also offer the ability to downlight the fresh snowfall.


  1. Add on more lighting in areas the project may be lacking

add fixtures where they might be lacking

Returning to previous projects can also be a great opportunity to discuss the addition of more lighting. Clients who added lighting to their backyard may now be looking to create the same magical experience in their front yard, or vice versa. Safety is another element you want to look out for as we transition into colder weather. While the autumn leaves are stunning, they can also be slippery when wet. Consider adding path lighting to your client’s landscape to help prevent any unwanted “fall” activities. A properly lit walkway can also help to avoid any dangerous slips or falls in the winter due to the ice and snow. 


  1. Adjust transformer settings for shorter days and longer nights

change routines

Nobody wants to come home to a dark house or leave for work in the morning in complete darkness. Make sure to adjust your clients’ transformer settings to longer hours to accommodate those dark winter nights. This is also a good time to tighten any screws and clean the light sensor on the HUB-50 & 100. If your client would like even more protection throughout the winter, they may even want to consider purchasing a HUB PROTECTOR. Finally, if they are looking to stay warm inside while adjusting the settings on their SMART HUB-150, they may want to purchase the SMART EXTENDER. This will give them extra operating range indoors so they can always stay cozy. 

To summarize… a well-maintained outdoor lighting system increases the homes safety, enhances its beauty at night, and aids in preventing potential intruders or vandals. By following these tips and providing fall (and even spring) maintenance packages your clients are sure to be happy year-round, thus providing you with loyal long-term customers, added revenue, and setting you apart from other professionals.


So, what are you waiting for? Take your professionalism to the next level and stop leaving money on the table. Give your old clients a call this fall season!




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