LED Retaining Wall Lights for Your Property

LED Retaining Wall Lights for Your Property

Low voltage LED retaining wall lights are a contemporary way to illuminate your landscape. They can be added to complement any type of architecture, are low-maintenance, efficient, and can be installed to highlight key features or create an elegant ambiance throughout your property. 

in-lite Retaining Wall Lights

A stone retaining wall and steps lit up at night.

Retaining walls can add interest to your landscaping, provide support for your garden and allow you to create unique rock gardens. Consider giving your retaining walls a facelift with sleek, low-voltage lighting. 

Hardscape Lighting

Hardscape lighting design enhances the structural details of your home and brightly illuminates its exterior, creating a warm ambiance. Our in-lite 12-volt hardscape lights are ideal for illuminating retaining walls around a property and adding safety to common outdoor areas.

Low Maintenance

Many of our outdoor lighting products are made of high-quality aluminum and will not rust or chip over time. The LEDs used in our products are extremely durable, can withstand all types of weather conditions, and offer a very long service life. Our outdoor lights are eco-friendly with low energy consumption, making them ideal for homeowners. 

How Do You Light A Retaining Wall?

A patio set on a deck positioned in front of a lit-up stone retaining wall.

Adding retaining wall lights to your property is an ideal way to increase aesthetic appeal, safety, and security. There are many different types of retaining wall lights that come in varying styles, sizes, and finishes — which means that you can find the perfect type of exterior light for your space. 

One of the first steps in planning your lighting is to determine what type of lighting you want. Click here to view our product types.

How Far Apart Should Lights On A Retaining Wall Be?

 A close-up image of a patio set on a deck, positioned in front of a lit-up stone retaining wall.

The general rule of thumb is that they should be spaced far enough apart that they don't create a solid line of light and yet not so far apart that there are large dark spots that could cause a safety hazard. This typically results in a distance of five to eight feet between lights. 

As you browse our selection of hardscape lighting, you will find installation advice on how far apart you should install the lights.

If you have a retaining wall and would like to illuminate it, low-voltage LED retaining wall lights are an excellent choice. They’re easy to install, require little maintenance, and will complement any design style. How can we help you plan your lighting? Visit our contact page for assistance, or try our decision aid tool to select the right products for your needs!