How to Install the SPIKE & SPIKE 22


Duration ± 2 minutes

Courtney Chiasson

in-lite Representative

How to Install the SPIKE & SPIKE 22

The SPIKE (and SPIKE 22) is an accessory that easily allows you to quickly and easily install recessed outdoor lights into softer surfaces such as grass, dirt, mulch, sod, loose gravel, and more.

It’s designed to hold a fixture firmly in place, giving you the flexibility and freedom to be as creative as you want when installing in-ground landscape lights. For example, instead of drilling into a paver pathway, you can line the path like this:


It’s an excellent solution for clients who want lights at the perimeter of a deck or patio, but don’t want you drilling into its surface.

The SPIKE and SPIKE 22 are lightweight yet durable, as they’re made from a high quality reinforced nylon. Stainless steel ground stakes often rust over time, and they’re easy to bend out of shape; reinforced nylon, on the other hand, is totally weather resistant.

With a height of 8.48’’ and a diameter of 2.8’’, the SPIKE is compatible with almost all in-lite’s larger (60mm or 2 3/8”) recessed fixtures, including:

SPIKE is not compatible with the NERO or BIG NERO.

The SPIKE 22 is compatible with in-lite’s smaller (22mm or 7/8”) recessed fixtures. It has a height of 6.69’’ and a diameter of 1.1’’. Use the SPIKE 22 with:


Follow these super easy steps to installing your fixtures with SPIKE or SPIKE 22.

Simply feed the fixture lead through the SPIKE, then pull the lead all the way through until the fixture is resting in the top of the SPIKE.

Push the fixture all the way down until it is flush with the top of the SPIKE.

Push the SPIKE into the ground where you want to place the fixture and organize the mulch, grass, rocks, or gravel around it.


Next, you just plug the fixture into the Easy-Lock connector and bury the Easy-Lock, the lead, and the main line cable. Everything is direct burial so there's no need for conduit - just bury it directly under your mulch or sod!

For more information on how to connect in-lite fixtures, check out this article on our Easy-Lock connector.


And that’s it! Sit back and enjoy the new addition to your outdoor lighting.   

All in-lite's outdoor lighting products are designed with sustainable, high quality materials, and our accessories are no exception. Our patented system is designed to save you time and reduce installation costs, while giving you everything you need to turn your client’s landscape into an outdoor oasis!

Follow these few simple steps to install your recessed outdoor lighting fixtures into soft surfaces like grass or gravel using the SPIKE or SPIKE 22. If you have any questions or concerns, shoot us a message at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Watch the full video here on installing in-lite’s recessed outdoor lighting using SPIKE and SPIKE 22 here: