How to Install the PUCK 22 DARK Recessed Outdoor Light Into Pavers


Duration ± 5 minutes

Dominic Liberka

in-lite Representative

How to Install the PUCK 22 DARK Recessed Outdoor Light Into Pavers

Although the in-lite connection system is easier to install than other lighting systems, there are some techniques that require a skilled professional. If you are an industry pro and haven't drilled into a paver, we recommend practicing on a few spare pieces first!

The PUCK DARK Series are beautiful fixtures that sit slightly above the ground and produce a beautiful 360-degree light. They look great when installed into decks, docks, and patios. 

However, the tools and materials that you need differ slightly for these applications - so make sure you know which tools which you need for your application. If you have questions, don't be afraid to shoot us an email at or chat with us on the website. 

To make it nice and easy for you, we've listed everything you need for either installation. 

Tools & Materials to Install the PUCK 22 DARK in Decks/Docks

Tools & Materials to Install the PUCK 22 DARK in Pavers/Concrete 

Additional (Possible) Materials

Now that we've got those lists out of the way, let's dive into the good stuff: Installing the lights in your paver! In this example, we will be installing the PUCK 22 DARK but these steps can be used to install any of 22mm (7/8") fixtures.

Step 1: Measure and Mark Where You Want Your Fixtures to Go

We want to make sure that all of our lights are equally distributed and lined up. There is no magic number that indicates where to install the light, it's all up to personal preference. Put it in the middle of the paver. Put one in the top right corner and the next one in the bottom left. Be as creative as you want or put them all in the exact same spot in every paver, it's all up to you. Just use a pencil, sticker, piece of tape, (or whatever works for you) to mark where you want to place the fixture.

Our advice? Always measure twice and drill once! 

Step 2: Use a Jig to Drill Into the Paver 

No, you don't have to use a jig or template. But we always recommend using a spare paver to create one by just drilling a hole into it using the 22mm Diamond Drill Bit and the Water Swivel. This will allow you to line up your drill bit perfectly, keep it straight, and ensure your drill bit doesn't skip.  

Once you've made your jig, you can use it again and again. There's no harm in taking a few extra minutes to create the jig to ensure your install goes as smoothly as possible. 

Next, line up the jig with your mark on the paver. 


Once we have set the jig, we can now use our 22mm Diamond Drill Bit to drill the hole. Make sure that you have connected your water supply to your Water Swivel and your Water Swivel to your drill (for more in-depth information on how to drill through pavers, click here). 

Always wear safety glasses! 

Once you're ready to rock and roll, it's time to start drilling.


Step 3: Set the Fixture Into the Paver

Lift the paver so you can feed the cable of the light through the hole. If it's a large paver or too heavy to simply flip over, use a shovel to prop up the paver enough to slip the cable through. 


Once the paver is lifted, easily run the fixture’s cable through the drilled hole. Pull the cable all the way through until the base of the fixture is resting in the hole. 


Step 4: Tap the Fixture Into Place

We said tap. Not bang. Not hammer. Tap. Just a nice gentle tap. With a rubber mallet preferably. Using too much force when installing your fixture could crack it. And no one wants to look at a broken light. Or worse, you could crack the base of the fixture and not even know - this will allow moisture to get into your fixture and severely deteriorate the life span of your light.  

If your fixture is not tapping into place easily, you may need to re-drill your hole. If it was not drilled perfectly straight, it may be causing resistance.  

If all goes well, a few gentle taps should do the trick! 


Step 5: Connect the Easy-Lock Connector 

The last step is to connect your Easy-Lock connector to the main line cable.


Just repeat the steps for all your lights and enjoy!

If you need more help, watch this video below or reach out to one of our representatives at