How to install the in-lite MINI SCOPE


Duration ± 3 minutes

Austin McKenna

in-lite Representative

How to install the in-lite MINI SCOPE

The MINI-SCOPE is small spotlight fixture that provides beautiful uplighting for bushes, small trees, and plants. This step by step blog post will walk you through exactly what you'll need to set up and install the MINI-SCOPE in your garden!

Tools & Materials

Additional Materials

Step 1: Attach Ground Stake

Placement of fixture: Install your fixture into the ground within 1-3' of the object(s) you wish to illuminate. Exact placement will greatly depend on the size of the object(s) you are illuminating. We advise coming out at night to play around with the placement of your MINI-SCOPE fixtures for the full effect!

Angle of Light Source: The MINI-SCOPE light angle is fully adjustable. Simply loosen the screw found on the side of each fixture, set to the desired angle and retighten the screw. It's that easy!

Site Preparation: When laying your main low-voltage cable throughout your landscape / garden beds, make sure it's laid within 1-2' of your desired fixture location. This will make connecting the MINI-SCOPE to the Easy-Lock Connector that much easier!

Step 2: Attach Ground Stake

Inside the product box you will find a ground stake, this attaches to the bottom of the MINI-SCOPE. The ground stake anchors the fixture in place when lighting up an object such as a bush. Along with the ground stake, the fixture comes complete with tools (Torx key) that allow you to easily attach the ground stake to the fixture.

Step 3: Connect Easy-Lock to Main Cable

The next step is to connect the fixture to the low-voltage cable using the Easy-Lock Connector (included in the box). To see just how easy it is to make a strong and secure connection with the Easy-Lock, check out our blog "How to use the Easy-Lock." Once this step is complete, lay your pavers down, polish off the remaining components of your landscape and then sit back and relax!

The Easy-Lock is an accessory that comes in the box with all our lighting fixtures. It connects to both the fixture and low-voltage cable. It is very simple to install the Easy-Lock. First, attach the grey cable clamp (wing side down) to the low-voltage cable and then insert this into the Easy-Lock making sure the clamp lines up with the grooves on the inside.


Finally twist the cap onto the Easy-Lock to secure the connection. Once you’ve done that, plug in the MINI-SCOPE cable to the Easy-Lock Connector that is already secured to the low-voltage cable!

Step 4: Set Fixture into the Ground

Now that our fixture is connected to the ground stake it's time to set the fixture into place in your desired location. The MINI-SCOPE is commonly used to light up smaller trees along with shrubs, plants, and small structures/statues. Once you have set the MINI-SCOPE in the position of your liking, bury any excess cable to give your yard a cleaner look and prevent possible damage to the cable run!


Overall, it is very easy to set up and install the MINI-SCOPE spotlight fixture. It does not require many tools or materials, making the installation process even easier! If you follow these 3 simple steps, you’ll soon be able to light up the specific areas of your yard that you’re most proud of!