Can You Hang A Pendant Light Outside?

Can You Hang A Pendant Light Outside?

Pendant lights are a versatile lighting option that can be used in a variety of settings and come in a wide range of design styles. One common question we get asked is whether pendant lights can be hung outside. The answer depends on a few factors, including the type of pendant light you're looking to buy and the intended use for the light. Here are our recommendations for outdoor pendant lights:

Can you hang a pendant light outside?

If you intend to hang a pendant light that is designed to be used outside, then the answer is yes. Pendant lights that are made for indoor use generally have a more delicate design than those made for outdoor use and are typically made from materials that won’t withstand direct exposure to sunlight or other elements, such as moisture or colder temperatures. We strongly recommend that you only use indoor pendant lights indoors. The good news is that there are lots of great options for outdoor pendant lights! Here are our recommendations:

in-lite Exterior LED Pendant Lights

If you are looking for a pendant light for outdoor use, we recommend the DISK PENDANT outdoor hanging light, available in single, double, and triple light options.


 A close-up image of the in-lite DISC PENDANT 100-230V with a white background.

The DISC PENDANT 100-230V is a pendant light that can be installed alone or in groups using the DISC BASE or DISC BASE TRIPLE.


A close-up image of the in-lite DISC PENDANT 100-230V DUO turned on, in front of a dark background.

The DISC PENDANT 100-230V DUO outdoor hanging lights are a combination of two DISC PENDANT 100-230V fixtures and the DISC TRIPLE BASE. Our DISC lights' concept focus is on shape and light output. They feature soft, natural curves and contemporary designs. Made of high-quality aluminum and FCBV coating, they can be connected to a 100-230V power point. Click here to learn more about our DISC concept. Our 100-230 pendant lights can also be dimmed by hand movements, a feature any client of yours would love.


The in-lite DISC PENDANT 100-230V TRIPLE positioned over a set of grey chairs and a table with purple flowers in a vase.

The DISC PENDANT 100-230V TRIPLE can be installed alone or in groups using the DISC BASE or DISC BASE TRIPLE. The three DISC PENDANT 100-230V lights in the DISC PENDANT 100-230V TRIPLE can be dimmed separately using integrated dimmers controlled by hand movements. See how it works here.

These contemporary outdoor pendants look fantastic in pergolas, gazebos, and on covered porches or decks. They feature durable, waterproof aluminum construction and the integrated LEDs work great outdoors. This particular light includes a strain relief and a 7-foot flexible cable for easy installation.

How To Hardwire Outdoor Pendant Lighting

The in-lite Smart Hub 100 on a table, beside the box it comes in.

Another factor to consider when determining whether or not you can install a pendant light is access to power. Typically, pendant lights need to be hardwired into your home's electrical system in order to work. This means that you'll need to have an electrical outlet, or junction box, in the ceiling where you want to hang the light.

If you don't have access to an existing electrical outlet or junction box, you can still install a pendant light by running an electrical wire to the desired location and installing a new outlet or junction box. This is a more involved process that will likely require the help of a professional electrician.

With that being said, in-lite’s transformers will convert a home's 120v power into safe 12v power, allowing you to run a slim wire without the worry of hiring an electrician. That means you will save money on labor and time, while also opening up your options for adding a few more LED lights to your backyard.

If you have any questions about installing LED pendant lights, contact our team. We’re here to support you every step of the way!