How to Choose an Outdoor Lighting Manufacturer for Your Clients

How to Choose an Outdoor Lighting Manufacturer for Your Clients

How To Choose An Outdoor Lighting Manufacturer

Landscape lighting is a booming industry. Homeowners want to light up their front and backyard, pool, paths, driveways, and outdoor kitchens for a variety of reasons. Some homeowners are looking to improve their home’s ambiance and aesthetics, while others are interested in increasing safety, and security. Some homeowners want to improve it all!

In the past, when a professional wanted outdoor lighting, they’d go to a big-box store or local supplier to purchase a light without knowing much about the product, how to install it, or if they can even get replacement parts should something break or malfunction!

Those days are history. 

Today’s savvy professional wants to choose an outdoor lighting manufacturer that has a great product, service, and industry reputation.

In this blog, we explain all the considerations a professional should think about when recommending an outdoor lighting manufacturer to their customers.

4 considerations when choosing an outdoor lighting manufacturer

1. They provide the best outdoor lighting products

Front of a home lit up with porch, garden, and driveway lighting.

Unless the manufacturer makes quality outdoor lighting products, none of the other points on this list matter. As a contractor or outdoor lighting dealer, you need to be sure that the products you’re recommending are not only going to look good and perform well, but are going to last.

That’s why all in-lite fixtures are rated CRI 90+ — it’s our guarantee that the lights you’re installing are producing the best light possible.

Additionally, in-lite products are built from the highest quality materials and backed by a comprehensive five-year warranty repair/replacement warranty.

“I love in-lite for several reasons: The quality of the fixtures, the five-year warranty is amazing, the overall modern look of the products, and their customer service is top-notch.”
—Dr. Decks

Great product selection

Different types of landscape lighting fixtures offer different options, styles, and benefits. Choosing a manufacturer with a wide variety of different fixtures means you can pick the one that best suits your needs without compromises. 

A good selection of lighting fixtures means you have limitless creativity when it comes to designing a landscape lighting installation system that will meet all your customers’ outdoor lighting dreams. 

in-lite‘s product selection is constantly growing ‒ we’ve even added a few new ones while we were in the process of writing up this post for you! 

Browse our selection of the best low voltage landscape lighting fixtures and shop all your lighting wants and needs to ensure your customers are happy with their newly designed and well-lit outdoor spaces!

Ease of installation

A faster and more efficient installation means a higher profit margin for you.

You don’t want to pick a product that’s difficult to install and requires regular maintenance. This will leave your customers questioning your professional knowledge and the durability of the products you recommended!

Easier installation also means that you can get projects done faster so that you can focus on growing your business with new clients, not tinkering around with complicated/low quality products on job sites you should’ve already left.

2. They have unbeatable customer service

Your time is money. Your customers' time is money. When you’re on a jobsite and have a question about a product, we believe that you should be able to get answers from the manufacturer right away.

in-lite offers live support Monday through Friday, from 8am to 6pm EST. Another great resource is the in-lite YouTube channel and blog. It has a ton of instructional videos for everything from product installation to inspiration to FAQs.

We offer this level of service because we firmly believe that poor customer service can ruin a great product. This is why we recommend that you speak about the level of personal service an outdoor lighting manufacturer will provide to you prior to committing to a product.

“The support and service I get from the company is unbeatable. When I have a question, it is answered quickly and timely and I have, quite frankly, never had a problem.”
—Brandon Deuck, in-sider

3. They offer trade pricing (in-sider program)

A quality outdoor lighting manufacturer should offer trade pricing to show appreciation to its customers and to help them save money and grow their businesses.

At in-lite, we created the in-sider program exclusively for landscapers, designers, architects, electricians, deck builders, general contractors, and other professionals to take advantage of great pricing — and all the social and educational benefits of joining a community.

Click here to learn more about the in-sider program.

4. They offer ongoing education and networking opportunities

When you buy an outdoor lighting product from a big-box store, you are reliant on the instructions inside the box and, if you’re lucky, a random explainer video on YouTube. There’s no ongoing assistance, there are no educational resources, and there’s certainly no opportunity for you to speak to other professionals who use the product.

At in-lite, there are two ways that we provide education and networking opportunities to our in-siders.

Join a community

When you become an in-sider, you are joining a community of professionals from coast to coast who can provide you with advice and feedback on how to grow your business with outdoor lighting. 

You also have the opportunity to take your business to the next level with exclusive in-sider content, free training, direct communication with our customer service team, and more!

Social media

On top of our active Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok pages, we have a YouTube channel that has hundreds of videos that range from unboxing to tips and tricks to product installation to troubleshooting and more. Become an outdoor lighting expert from the comfort of your home or on the job site!

Join a community of outdoor lighting experts and enthusiasts

The in-sider program by in-lite is free to join and offers exclusive benefits for professionals like you. Our community of professionals is rapidly growing as we become a household name in outdoor lighting across North America and Europe.

It’s as simple as filling out an in-sider application.

In 1-2 business days we’ll process your application and verify that you are an industry professional — an important part of the vetting process that keeps the program filled with quality members.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us between 8am and 6pm, Monday through Friday, at 1-833-472-9960. Or you can email us by filling out the form on our website contact page.