7 Brilliant Deck Lighting Ideas Your Outdoor Lighting Clients Will Love

7 Brilliant Deck Lighting Ideas Your Outdoor Lighting Clients Will Love

Never underestimate the impact that properly designed deck lighting can have on an outdoor space! An elegant yet functional key piece to turning any backyard deck into a private retreat for winding down or entertaining. 

Here at in-sider, we are dedicated to helping lighting companies and professionals take their lighting businesses to the next level. Deck lighting is highly sought by homeowners in middle- and higher-income brackets, making it an attractive and lucrative business opportunity for lighting contractors.  

Integrating deck lighting design into your offerings will enhance your services' overall value and appeal. 

Here, we will be providing a brief overview of residential outdoor lighting fixtures for decks, as well as 7 inspirational ideas for deck lighting that will take your lighting designs to a whole new level.  

We'll also discuss what you should look for in an outdoor lighting supplier, and how to navigate looking for key features that will benefit you and your clients!

1) What are the 3 Main Types of Outdoor Deck Lighting?

Let’s first address the different types of outdoor deck lighting that can be offered to your clients. 

There are three types of outdoor deck lighting: 

  1. Permanent deck lighting is integrated into the deck's structure, such as built into risers or under the top rail. It is usually the most expensive option and has the trickiest installation, but it also offers superior durability and quality. 

  2. Semi-permanent deck lighting is not integrated into the deck structure, but rather requires some installation, such as string lights. Semi-permanent lighting, even when rated for outdoor use, will not withstand the elements as well as permanent lighting.

  3. Temporary deck lighting does not require any installation at all. Think lanterns and candles. Temporary lighting trends change frequently, from colored outdoors lights one season to tiny fairy lights for the next! 

When talking to your clients about outdoor deck lighting ideas, it’s important to discuss the advantages of permanent outdoor lighting over semi-permanent or temporary lighting options.  

Semi-permanent lighting and temporary lighting are both less expensive upfront, but both are more susceptible to weather damage. They will also need to be replaced more frequently, resulting in long-term costs. 

Permanent residential outdoor lighting offer numerous benefits, including:
  • Visibility: Permanent outdoor lighting provides better visibility by illuminating a greater area more consistently than temporary or semi-permanent lights. 
  • Safety: Enhanced visibility enhances safety. Lighting products designed specifically for transition points, such as stairs, are available. 
  • Long-term use: A high-quality deck light will last for years and provide safety and ambiance, making customers happier. 

For those clients that are wanting a well-lit deck space that can be easily managed and maintained, permanent deck lighting from a solid outdoor lighting manufacturer is the way to go! 

2) Essential Deck Lighting Fixtures for All Deck Lighting Ideas 

a) Deck stair lighting

A dark staircase is a recipe for disaster. Integrating deck stair lighting turns potentially dangerous deck steps into an attractive feature.  

Functional, but not too bright, integrated deck step lights are a good compromise between safety and clarity. Adding lights to the deck's stair treads or risers will ensure the night goes off without a hitch. 

When choosing recessed deck stair lights, make sure to choose lights designed to be walked on. A good outdoor lighting manufacturer will be transparent about whether their products can handle the weight! The FUSION series fixtures Click here to enter text.are excellent choices. 

For riser lights you can use recessed fixtures or choose lights with a low profile, like the EVO HYDE or EVO HYDE DARK, so they don't cause a trip hazard. That’s where the accidents happen. There are a ton of low profile lighting options to choose from to stay safe! 

b) Deck Post andPrivacy Wall Lighting 

An easy way to add to the architectural interest and design of any outdoor space is by installing lights on deck rails and deck posts. 

Deck rail lights like the MINI WEDGE DARK serve a dual purpose of both illuminating the ground below as well as enhancing the overall visibility on the deck. 

Up-lights can be attached to the deck posts or installed in the flooring beneath deck posts in order to accentuate the architecture of the structure and accentuate the beauty of the outdoor space. 

Adding downlights like the CUBID or ACE DOWN, or accent lights like the BLINK or WEDGE, provide a more subtle illumination. We suggest illuminating privacy walls or fences with these fixtures! 

c) Deck String Lights

Hanging lights on your deck or stringing lights of various colors all year round will create a fun, festive atmosphere.  

String lights are trendy, but the downside is that they don't last as long as other lighting options. They require more frequent replacement than other options because they are not able to endure the weather as easily as other lighting options. And the light output quality won’t be able to match that of a low-voltage system. 

It is recommended to take down string lights during periods of time that you know you won’t be utilizing them outdoors for lighting purposes.

d) Undercap Lighting

Undercap lights like the EVO HYDE or EVO HYDE DARK are essential if you have built-in benches or countertops for seating Click here to enter text.on your deck. These subtle fixtures are designed to be hidden, casting light downward under the lip of a flat surface like the edge of a bench. If you have a grill or cooking area outside, you might consider adding lighting underneath workspaces (like outdoor kitchens) to help everyone see what they're doing! 

Undercap deck lighting is seamless and offers a finished upscale look to any outdoor space. 

e) Recessed Deck Lighting

Don’t fret! We recognize not all outdoor deck spaces have places to readily hang lights up. In this case, for decks with no places to hang lights, in-floor or recessed deck lights are an excellent solution. Recessed deck lighting is also the perfect for brightening up the perimeter of the deck! 

f) Hanging Deck Lights/Pendant Lights

If the deck space includes an overhead structure with a mounting space, like a pergola, an outdoor-rated hanging light fixture can be a great light source. The pillars and cross beams of a deck ceiling or pergola provide a great platform for a variety of pergola lighting options.  

Hanging deck lights like the DISC PENDANT or the SCOPE CEILING look elegant and create an upscale finish to the outdoor space!  

g) Landscape Spotlights

When your clients are relaxing on the deck, they’ll be looking out at the landscape around it. Don’t leave it in the dark!  

Create an additional impact by adding landscape spotlighting around the base of your deck, walkways, gardens or other areas of the yard. If your company offers landscaping and landscape lighting services, this is the perfect opportunity for you to show off your beautiful work to your clients and their guests!  

People have pride in their spaces that they have put work and money into, ensuring that the spaces are well-lit is critical to sharing the spaces. 

3) Outdoor Lighting Inspiration: 7 Brilliant Deck Lighting Ideas 

The best deck lighting designs combine practicality and creativity, creating a romantic ambiance while keeping the people safe while enjoying the outdoor space! 

Lighting designs should be structured according to your layouts space and overall design and flow. Deciding on which lighting idea to go with to accentuate your outdoor hangout space the proper way can be tricky and overwhelming with so many ideas to choose from.  

Guiding your customer towards the right design for their space is key to providing excellent deck lighting services and creating a reputable reputation for your companies’ overall services. 

We’ve curated a list of brilliant deck lighting ideas using in-lite’s outdoor lighting products to spark inspiration. Feel free to borrow from these designs to offer your future customers looking for excellent deck lighting ideas and installations!

a) Sunken Spa Deck Lighting Design by Windek

This sunken spa deck lighting incorporates recessed lights around the perimeter of spa, deck step riser lights, hanging lights in pergola, and up-down light on the pergola post.

b) Ultra-Modern Deck Step Landing by Neighbourhood Fence & Deck Inc

The ultra-modern deck step landing features deck step riser lights, small downlights as accent lighting, and recessed deck lights in the wall and ceiling for the finishing touches.

c) Shadow Play in a Poolside Lounge by Paysagement Quebec 

This romantic shadow poolside play features up-down lights that project an elegant, eye-catching bowtie light in between each pool lounging chair. An irresistible space from dusk to dawn!

d) Constellation Pattern by Evans Landscape

Small and large recessed deck lights mounted vertically for a pattern that looks like constellations creates a whimsical and elegant outdoor entertainment space to hang out under the stars!

e) Safe-but-Subtle Step Lighting by DGR Landscape Lighting

A clean and simple design for safety lighting down a staircase for nighttime navigation.  Featuring step riser lighting and recessed lighting, this stairway has an upscale and refined feel.

f) Workspace Lighting by Ridgeline Decks

The perfect combination including downlights, recessed step lighting and string lights to elevate the path down to the lower-level deck patio.

g) The Complete Package by Premium Landscaping

Catering to all the patio deck lighting needs! Recessed lights around the deck perimeter and pergola ceiling, framed by trees lit by small spotlights to accentuate the nature incorporated throughout the designated outdoor hangout space!

4) Choosing an Outdoor Lighting Supplier for Deck Lighting

We’ve covered a lot here, starting from the different types of outdoor deck lighting that can be installed and used, all the way to the different types of deck lighting fixtures that are available and just how they can be styled to any deck design. 

There’s just one last thing: choosing a quality outdoor lighting manufacturer to source your deck lights from. Your choice of outdoor lighting supplier has a big impact on the results of your design and your customers’ happiness. If you master this, your company is golden and ready to take on outdoor deck lighting by the bulb! 

a) Warranty

Deck lights will be subjected to the outdoor weather elements, so it’s important you can rely on their durability. Choosing an option with a warranty ensures that any damages will be covered and taken care of by the supplier. 

b) Outdoor Rated - Waterproof and Weatherproof

It is important to make sure to only install outdoor-rated fixtures and bulbs. Look for words like “weatherproof,” “weather-resistant,” and “suitable for outdoor use” on the packaging so that they are confirmed to be able to take on the outdoor elements. Ask your outdoor lighting supplier if you’re not sure. 

c) LEDs

LEDs have the longest life out of any outdoor lighting, which is important for deck lighting, because most are permanent installations that cannot be changed so easily and require a professional to come to the house and do the work. This creates an inconvenience and frequent maintenance costs for the client which could turn them away from considering future installations or referring your company to a friend. 

d) Low Voltage Deck Lighting Kits

Low voltage deck lighting kits can save you money and time by bundling a number of deck lights together, along with a lighting transformer and wiring. Deck lighting kits are an excellent option for professional landscape lighting installers that are just getting started and want to keep everything clear and organized for their client project.