5 Best Wholesale Outdoor Lighting Loyalty Programs For Pros

in-sider wholesale lighting supplier reward programs

Want to boost your profit margin, grow your business, or earn exclusive products and opportunities? As a professional landscape lighting installer, you can do so by joining a wholesale outdoor lighting supplier loyalty program. 

Surprised? You’re not alone. We’ve spoken to many pros who didn't even know these programs exist. 

With the explosion in demand for landscape lighting and increased competition from manufacturers overseas, wholesale outdoor lighting suppliers like Kichler, Volt, and in-lite are more focused than ever on earning and keeping your loyalty. 

But with so many wholesale outdoor lighting suppliers out there, it’s hard to know which one will give you the best value for your money and time. 

To make your decision easier, in this guide, we’ll discuss what we consider best landscape lighting loyalty programs for different professionals, break down what 5 different programs have to offer, and answer some frequently asked questions about lighting loyalty programs in general.

Best Landscape Lighting Rewards Programs

To start off, we’ve summarized the best outdoor lighting loyalty programs and what makes each of them stand out. 

  1. Best All-Around Program For New and Aspiring Pro’s 
  2. Best Program For Pro’s who love Swag and Gadgets: 
  3. Best Program For Pro’s Who Want Exclusive Products 
  4. Best Program For Training and Education

1. Best All-Around Program For New and Aspiring Professional Lighting Installers: in-lite in-sider

The in-sider program gives you a bit of everything: exclusive trade pricing, free training resources, a direct pro’s-only line to the in-lite customer service team, and outstanding reps who are always available by phone, chat, or email to help you grow. 

What makes the in-sider program stand out is its emphasis on business resources and continuing education in the form of webinars, videos, online and in-person training sessions, and more. The idea behind this approach, versus their competitors' more heavily reward-focused programs, is that the installer’s success is in-lite’s success; that the best way to earn your business is to grow your own. 

The result is a partnership that's more than simply a reward program, ideal for new and aspiring professionals looking to grow.

2. Best Program for Pro’s Who Love Swag: Kichler LightPro

Among wholesale outdoor lighting suppliers, Kichler is an industry titan, and its Kichler LightPro™ is one of the more well known programs.  But in contrast to in-sider and AMP® Pro, which emphasize growth and exclusivity, LightPro™ leans more towards incentives. 

In addition to exclusive case studies and technical support, members earn points through product purchases and can spend them on merchandise such as Apple, Bose, and Nike products, gift cards, and even vacations. For those of you whose idea of a loyalty program is more about gadgets and leisure, this is the one for you!

3. Best Program For Pro’s Who Want Exclusive Products: Volt AMP® Pro

Volt is another industry mainstay that sells both to professionals and directly to consumers, offering a wide variety of low voltage and line voltage outdoor lighting fixtures. But landscape lighting professionals such as electricians, landscapers, irrigation contractors and resellers can apply to purchase products that are exclusive to pro’s through the Volt AMP® Pro.

Gaining access to these products and the program allows you to market yourself as an authorized AMP® Pro, which might give you an edge when it comes to winning big contracts with clients who already prefer the Volt name. The program also offers wholesale pricing and free shipping.

4. Best Program For Training and Education: in-lite in-sider

As mentioned above, where the in-sider program stands out is its emphasis on helping landscape lighting pro’s grow. A wide range of exclusive educational resources are available to in-sider members, including online courses and in-person training, webinars, videos, and others. in-lite's approach is designed to ensure installer success is also in-lite's success.

Comparing Wholesale Outdoor Lighting Supplier Loyalty Programs Point-By-Point

While the above programs are what we consider the best of the best, they aren’t the only wholesale outdoor lighting suppliers out there with loyalty programs. Here's a quick reference guide about exactly what each program offers, by supplier.


  • Name of their loyalty program: in-sider program 
  • Trade pricing: Yes
  • Free training: Yes (webinars, videos, online and in-person training sessions, and more) 
  • VIP customer service: Yes 
  • Reward points: Yes (earned via product purchases and other account activities) 
  • Rewards available: Discount on in-lite lighting products 
  • Other benefits: Exclusive professionals-only Facebook group, online and in-person business training sessions, easily accessible customer support team, marketing materials to support your business, and content collaboration opportunities

2. Kichler

  • Name of their loyalty program: Kichler LightPro™ 
  • Trade pricing: No 
  • Free training: Yes (case studies)
  • VIP customer service: No 
  • Reward points: Yes (earned via product purchases) 
  • Rewards available: Merchandise, gift cards, vacations 
  • Other benefits: Landscape lighting layouts from Advanced Product Solutions (APS) & Layout Team, access to sales and marketing tools, LightPro awards and recognition

3. Volt Lighting

  • Name of their loyalty program: AMP® Pro 
  • Trade pricing: Yes 
  • Free training: No 
  • VIP customer service: Yes (exclusive reps)
  • Reward points: No 
  • Rewards available: No  
  • Other benefits: Exclusive products, free shipping

4. FXLuminaire

  • Name of their loyalty program: Hunter Preferred Program 
  • Trade pricing: Yes 
  • Free training: No 
  • VIP customer service: Yes 
  • Reward points: Yes
  • Rewards available: Discounts, merchandise   
  • Other benefits: Lighting design consulting and sales support 

5. Unique Lighting Systems

  • Name of their loyalty program: The ONE Landscape Contractor Rewards Program 
  • Trade pricing: No
  • Free training: Yes 
  • VIP customer service: No 
  • Reward points: Yes 
  • Rewards available: Gift cards, merchandise, special offers  
  • Other benefits: Points earned on Toro and Irritol purchases as well as Unique Lighting Systems


Is there a ‘best’ lighting reward program?

It would be easy to brush off this question and declare that there is no single "best" program for everyone, and you ought to just stick with the one you already know. But here’s the thing...when you get right down to it, certain programs will definitely fit your priorities or business needs better than others. A small business is going to need training resources more than they need cool merch, for instance.

When you compare loyalty programs side-by-side, you might find that the manufacturer you currently use doesn't offer benefits that suit your needs. Instead of just following the crowd or sticking to what you know, do your research. 

Make note of what your top priorities are in a rewards program and your journey to choosing which is for you will be a breeze.

Do big box stores offer their own rewards programs?

Home Depot, Lowe’s, Rona etc. have contractor loyalty programs, but none that are specific to lighting contractors. Joining a rewards program with big name brand stores would be helpful in other areas of your profession, but choosing a wholesale lighting specialized brand with a rewards program is the way to go. 

Not to mention that when you are shopping for landscape lighting at big box stores, you must be very careful about what you are buying. They are often cheap solutions with problematic warranties, sold by underpaid store representatives who have no real knowledge of their product or of your business. Any apparent savings you might get from shopping at a big box store are quickly negated by the problems that poor quality products will cause.

Do all lighting suppliers offer loyalty rewards?

As not all outdoor lighting manufacturers offer loyalty programs, it is crucial to research thoroughly beforehand and ask questions in advance before committing to a major order. By reading this article, you are taking a good step in the right direction. If you need more information on the programs, visit their websites!

Best Wholesale Landscape Lighting Supplier Loyalty Programs: Who Wins?

We hope this guide takes a bit of the pressure off of choosing which lighting supplier program to go with and which program has the best offer for you. At in-lite, we are happy to help in any way we can with navigating the industry and learning new skills. Contact us with any questions and we will be sure to guide you in the right direction!